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1. A teacher has the right to examine his/her personnel file in private. The request will be granted within two (2) days. The teacher will acknowledge his/her examination of the file in writing and will have the right to answer any material in such file and such answer will be included in his/her file. A teacher will be permitted access to pre-employment material, letters of recommendation, prior employer letters, prior school history and items of similar character.

1a. No detrimental or derogatory material from sources other than the personnel file may be introduced in a disciplinary action against a teacher.

1b. Only the teacher, the Principal, and the Vice Principals will have an official right and reason for inspecting a teacher's file.

1c. All material being placed in a teacher's personnel file must be presented to the teacher to be initialed prior to placement in his/her file. Such initialing does not indicate approval of said material, merely proof that it has been presented. Should a teacher refuse to initial any material, the teacher will indicate in writing, with date included, the specific material that the teacher is refusing to initial, and this statement by the teacher must be attached to said material. No anonymous material may be placed in a teacher's file.

1d. Upon receipt of a written request, the teacher shall be furnished no more than two (2) reproductions of any material in his/her file over the course of the school year. Such reproduction shall be furnished to the teacher within two (2) school days of the request. The teacher shall acknowledge in writing the receipt of this material.