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In the event that it becomes necessary to require a class substitution, the School will use teacher aides who may be available as well as teachers whose service period is substitution and teachers who can be used as a substitute during their service period; the School will then use administrative personnel who may be available; the School will then assign teachers having less than twenty-five (25) teaching periods in a week; and thereafter, the School will assign teachers who have a prep period, which teachers may be available at the time.

The School will honor a statement by the teacher so asked that the teacher has planned to use the prep period for constructive work related to his/her teaching duties, and so requests to be excused that period.

In the final instance, the School may assign any teacher available to cover the substitution.

The School provides a full-time substitute teacher for extended absences of regular teachers.

The School will not assign a teacher to substitute for the school nurse.

Records of all substitutions will be available to the Senior Delegate upon proper notice to the appropriate administrator.

For every eight (8) substitutions on a preparation period, a teacher shall earn one (1) additional sick day.