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1. The School will provide at no cost to the teacher excess automobile liability coverage for teachers transporting students and other faculty members in their own cars on behalf of the School provided said teachers have permission of the School. The additional insurance coverage will bear limits of $300/$500/$50 over and above the teacher's liability coverage. There will be no additional collision coverage afforded.

2. Any employee making purchases on behalf of the School is required to obtain the appropriate tax exempt paperwork before making any purchases. The School will not reimburse any employee for any tax for which the School is exempt.

3. The School will reimburse the teachers for the following expenses incurred on behalf of the School provided said teachers have the permission of the School:

  1. The IRS mileage rate for use of personal automobile to transport the teacher or other faculty members.

  2. Tolls for the use of public highways, bridges, etc. provided receipts are submitted.

  3. In cases of emergency on a regularly scheduled activity or when prior written approval of the activity has been obtained, all reasonable expenses.

  4. On In-Service Days, teachers will be reimbursed for mileage. The teacher will deduct from his/her total mileage the miles to and from School. No reimbursement will be paid if the School provides transportation.