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1. Openings for all Department Chairpersons, moderators, coaches, administrative positions and any other position will be posted on the Faculty Bulletin Board in the mail room and will remain for ten (10) days prior to filling the position. A copy of all postings and the amount of stipend, if any, for the position, shall be given to the Senior Delegate. Notification of such available openings will contain a complete description of the duties and responsibilities of and qualifications for said positions. The criteria for such openings will be published in the Faculty Manual. Changes in the criteria must be posted on the Faculty Bulletin Board in the mail room. All outside coaches and moderators' positions shall be posted annually. All above openings not posted for ten (10) days before the end of the school year will be forwarded to the Association two (2) weeks prior to filling such positions. All qualified candidates may apply and priority of consideration will be given to the applicants from the School. For the purpose of this Article, priority of consideration will include an interview with the candidate(s) from the School and a timely response from the Administration after the interview. The Administration is responsible for the final selection as long as proper procedure has been followed.

2. Stipends for the Athletic Director and Assistant Athletic Director shall be listed in the Faculty Manual.