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1. The school year will not exceed 180 days or the number of days required by State law plus one (1) day before and one (1) day after, whichever is greater; provided however, new teachers may be required to attend school up to three (3) additional days, part of which will be used for teacher orientation at which time the Association will be notified and will have an opportunity to inform new teachers of the provisions of this Agreement. (Association meetings will be held at the end of the School orientation program and attendance by teachers will be voluntary except for first year teachers.)

2. The School after consultation with the Association will have the right to establish and change the School's starting and finishing times and may schedule uniform starting and finishing times for all teachers. The teacher contractual work day shall be seven (7) hours, with an arrival time of 8:00 A. M. and an ending time of 3:00 P. M. Teachers are expected to be in their homerooms (teachers without homerooms will be assigned a room) until 3:00 P. M. unless the teachers must attend to school related business.

3. The School recognizes the importance of days of recollection and requires teachers to attend such days. If religious activities are part of the regular school schedule, teachers are required to attend and expected to display reverence during such activities. If the religious activity is during a teacher's prep period, attendance is encouraged.

4. Recognizing that Open Houses are the lifeline of Catholic Schools, all teachers are encouraged to attend one (1) Open House each school year.

5. There will be two (2) Parent Teacher Conferences and one (1) Back to School Night. The scheduling of Back to School Night and Parent Conferences will be determined by the School pursuant to the school calendar.

6. Teachers are required to attend professional meetings and/or spiritual activities as scheduled during the teacher work day and expected to display reverence during such activities.

7. Every teacher will have at least one (1) professional preparation period per regular school day. A preparation period is a continuous period during which the teacher is not assigned to a programmed responsibility. The School will assign preparation periods on a fair and equitable basis. On a modified schedule, an individual teacher may lose his/her preparation period; however, the School will vary the modified schedule so that the same class/preparation period is not repeatedly lost.

8. Every teacher will have one (1) lunch period equal to a class period per day.

9. Each teacher may be assigned to one (1) service period per day. These assignments will be given on a fair and equitable basis.

10. A service period is one in which the teacher is assigned to any professional duty other than teaching. These duties shall include, but not be limited to, study halls, supervision of cafeterias, classrooms, halls and lavatories and teacher substitution. Duty assignments can be changed during the school year, but not for arbitrary and capricious reasons.

10a. If a teacher is rostered as a substitute for a service period and is not assigned as a substitute for that period, he/she will be assigned an alternate service for that period.

11. No teacher will be assigned to teach more than 225 minutes per day, nor will any teacher be assigned to teach more than five (5) periods per day.

12. Changes in the daily schedule shall not be made for arbitrary or capricious reasons. The Senior Delegate will be consulted regarding any proposed change in the daily schedule.

13. Any change in the academic program of the School will be discussed with the Association. However, the School will make the final decision.

14. In-service meetings, faculty meetings, and department meetings may be held as conditions require. The number and length of time of such meetings will not vary excessively from past practice.

15. A notice of significant dates will be mailed to all teachers by August 15. A yearly calendar will be published and given to the teachers by the first day of school, indicating the school holidays, orientations, in-service days, faculty meetings, examination dates, parent meetings, back to school night, parent conferences and Open House dates. Necessary changes will be published as soon as possible in advance of the scheduled change.

16. Teachers must be available for consultation with parents and/or pupils on a reasonable basis outside of class hours, but within the school day. Teachers are to check their telephone messages, e-mails, and mailboxes for messages, and to respond to all parental inquiries in a timely manner.

Each teacher is to maintain a parent correspondence log provided by the school, listing the parent/child names, date/time of parent inquiry, date/time of response and topics discussed, contingent upon the installation of four (4) additional phones in private locations. This log is subject to administrative review when requested.

The guidance director or his/her designee will work ten (10) full days during the summer shutdown. The schedule will be determined by the Principal in consultation with the guidance director or his/her designee. Compensation for such time will be calculated on the per diem rate of the guidance director or his/her designee.