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1. The School will recognize one level of seniority based on the length of the teacher's continuous employment in the bargaining unit with the School. Part time teachers will not hold seniority; provided, however, if a part time teacher becomes a full time teacher, his/her seniority will commence on the date of his/her becoming a full time teacher.

1a. A long term substitute teacher shall not accrue seniority. If the long-term substitute is hired as a permanent full-time teacher, seniority shall be retroactive to the first day of employment as a long term substitute.

2. The School will make available to the Association a complete seniority list of all lay teachers arranged according to school seniority. This list will be made available no later than the last day of October and teachers will have ten (10) days in which to present formal objections.

3. A newly employed teacher having prior teaching, counseling or administrative experience in any school system will receive up to six (6) years salary credit for such service on a year for year basis. The School may offer newly employed teachers additional year for year salary credit for such service to a maximum of ten (10) years.

4. The School will comply with the requirements of all Federal military service laws and will grant returning teachers full seniority and increments as required by law after their normal tour of duty.

5. If a lay teacher who has previously taught at Holy Cross High School is rehired within two (2) years of his/her prior service, and, if during those two years, he/she taught in another school or was engaged in a degree program, he/she will: (1) have his/her tenure restored if he/she was tenured; (2) be credited with his/her years of service in Holy Cross High School toward tenure if he/she was not tenured; and (3) be credited with his/her years of service in Holy Cross High School and in the school system in which he/she taught or the degree program in which he/she was enrolled for purposes of seniority and placement on the salary schedule.