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1. The School recognizes the Association as the sole and exclusive representative for the purpose of collective bargaining for the bargaining unit of employees, including all full time lay teachers regularly engaged in teaching and related duties, dean(s) of students, director of student activities, full-time guidance counselors and media specialists (if lay persons), campus minister (if a lay person), band director (if a teacher), athletic director and assistant athletic directors employed at the School.

2. The dean(s) of students and athletic directors will continue to perform the usual duties of these offices as assigned and will maintain their seniority and bargaining rights under this Agreement.

3. Unless otherwise stated, the term "teacher" in this Agreement shall be used to include all positions listed in Article II, Section 1 above.

4. Long term substitutes are defined as individuals hired to temporarily replace a current teaching staff member who is on an approved leave of absence or on sick leave where the approved leave of absence or sick leave is expected to last for sixty (60) days or more. Long term substitutes will become members of the bargaining unit on the first day of employment as a long term substitute, and will be paid on the first step of the BA lane of the applicable salary guide.

5. Specifically excluded from the bargaining unit are office employees, clerical employees, administrative employees, principals, vice principals, assistant principals, director of academic affairs, director of technology, nurses, athletic trainer, coaches of all types (in their coaching capacity), media specialist assistants, custodial and maintenance staff, kitchen, cafeteria and commissary employees, watchmen, guards and supervisors.