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1. By the negotiating of this contract, both the School and the Association agree that both sides had every opportunity to raise and discuss every issue relating to wages, hours, fringe benefits, and working conditions of employees covered hereby. It is the purpose and intent of this Agreement to settle all terms and conditions of work for the duration hereof; to provide a means for the amicable adjustment of all grievances that arise as provided herein; to avoid work interruptions and interferences with teaching and the operation of the School; and to promote the stability and the efficiency of the operation of the School.

2. The Association and the School recognize the uniqueness of the School and its spiritual commitment to provide the opportunity for Catholic schooling.

3. The Association recognizes the non-profit nature of the School and the fact that it possesses no taxing power and is dependent, in part, upon the free-will offerings of the people.

4. There will be no individual agreements with the employees. This Agreement contains the full understanding between parties and cannot be modified except by a written understanding mutually acceptable to the parties.