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Educational Objectives

1. The System will participate as fully as possible in federal and state programs which provide services for student needs.

Where these services are not available, the System will continue to take the initiative in developing these programs.

The System will continue to inform the local school through the proper department how to avail themselves of these services.

2. The System recognizes the importance of all counseling (including personal, job counseling, college counseling, military counseling, religious counseling) and referral services within and outside the high schools. In concert with the System, the administrators of the high schools and their staffs shall initiate or increase such services both by their own direct efforts and by the support of government programs to increase such resources.

The System also recognizes that only through competent counselors can the students in our schools be benefited. The System will strive to ensure that competent counselors will be available.

3. The System will continue the policy of obtaining voluntary helpers from among the various parent and school organizations to assist the school in non-professional duties such as with library and clerical aid. Where professionally qualified volunteers are available, they shall be utilized on a nonpaying basis in areas such as reading, language, art and industrial courses. All voluntary personnel shall be under the direction of the administration.

4. The System and the Association share a deep mutual concern related to the various forms of abuse affecting the children of this community. Both organizations will cooperate with current agencies, processes and protocols dealing with these issues.

5. The System shall encourage, where feasible, a flexible daily, weekly, monthly, or semester schedule to meet the needs of those students enrolled in special programs.

6. In schools that have a Driver Education Program, teachers who are qualified will be encouraged to participate.

7. The System shall continue its policy of providing programs leading to and maintaining active certification in accordance with state law.

8. The System and the Association shall jointly sponsor an annual Political Action Seminar for juniors and seniors in the high schools for the purpose of involving the students in the political process.

9. Where the local public school district applies for and/or receives a federal grant to establish a Teacher Center whose purpose is to provide teachers with the opportunity for training and curriculum development which meets their needs and enables them to better serve their students, the System shall review and participate in the initial planning meeting for such Centers.

When the Teacher Center Grant is received, the System will again review the program. If the program is found to be appropriate by the Secretary for Catholic Education, the System shall continue its participation so that the System’s teachers may benefit from the program.

The Association shall appoint from the appropriate bargaining unit the lay members of the Teacher Center Advisory Board.