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1. All teachers in the bargaining unit have the right to join or not to join the Association. The System shall cause to be deducted through the individual schools the Association dues from the salary of each teacher who shall furnish the proper authorization to make such deductions.

All teachers in the bargaining unit share in the contract benefits and Association representation. Those teachers who are members of the Association discharge their obligation through membership dues. Those teachers who do not wish to join the Association shall tender a service fee in lieu of membership dues. The amount of the service fee is to be determined by the Association. For the term of this contract, the service fee is eighty percent (80%) of the Association dues. It is also understood that non-members may designate $25.00 of their service fee to be placed in the Association’s Education Fund in which benefits they may participate.

It is understood and agreed that payment of Association dues or service fee is a condition of employment of all lay teachers who are members of the bargaining unit. It is further understood and agreed that the Association will not request separation from employment of any lay teacher without first making a written request to such teacher for payment, and if payment is refused or withheld for more than thirty (30) days, the System as well as the Association may evaluate any extenuating circumstances involved in the teacher’s refusal to pay the service fee.

After such evaluation, the Association may then notify the System with a copy to the teacher requesting the termination of the teacher within thirty (30) days.

Any dispute arising in regard to this matter, including the refusal of the System to dismiss the teacher, if requested, will be resolved in the grievance procedure.

1a. The Association will advise the System in writing as to any change in the amount of said dues or service fee at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of any change. All dues and service fee authorizations shall be irrevocable for the term of this contract and thereafter, unless the individual teacher shall submit in writing his/her resignation from the Association or revocation of the service fee authorization by certified mail to the Association’s Office during the period of fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration of this contract or succeeding contracts.

All deductions above shall be remitted within three (3) working days of each pay date. A listing of bargaining unit members and deductions for union dues and service fees shall accompany each payment to the Association.

2. If a teacher who was terminated for failure to satisfy this obligation is subsequently rehired by the System, said teacher shall lose all previously acquired salary increments and seniority, and other provisions of this Agreement notwithstanding, unless mutually agreed to otherwise by the Association and the System.