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Holy Cross - Insurance Benefits

Holy Cross High School

Members of the Bargaining Unit

Medical Health Insurance
The School provides and pays for coverage for an eligible full-time teacher and his/her family in either the Aetna HSA or the Aetna POS plans.*

Dental Program
All full-time permanent lay teachers and their dependents are eligible for coverage under the Dental Plan. The plan pays for Preventive, Basic and Major Service. Specific coverages and exclusions are listed in the plan booklet. The booklet is available by contacting your Senior Delegate.*

Eye Care
The Eye Care Plan covers all eligible teachers and their families. The full cost of the plan is borne by the School.*

*All teachers enrolled in either the Aetna HSA or the Aetna POS contribute toward the monthly premium costs of the medical health, prescription, dental and eye care plans at the annual rate of $150 for single coverage, $225 for two person coverage and $300 for family coverage. The teachers' contribution increases each year by $10 for each level of coverage.

Lay teachers hired prior to or on October 1, 2005 are covered, without cost to themselves, by the Diocesan Pension Plan and Trust. A brochure outlining the plan have been mailed to each teacher.

Teachers hired after October 1, 2005 can participate in the Diocesan Tax Annuity Plan. Any teacher who contributes to the Diocesan Tax Annuity Plan will receive a matching contribution from the School, not to exceed 5% of the teacher's gross bi-weekly salary. In addition, beginning September 1, 2011, the School shall contribute 1% of a teacher's salary to a tax sheltered annuity plan in the teacher's name.

Life Insurance
Group Life insurance is provided for each lay teacher in the amount of $50,000. The cost is borne by the School. There is a voluntary Life Insurance component which teachers can opt to pay for up to $150,000 of additional benefits.

Disability Insurance
The Salary Continuance Plan (Long Term Disability Plan) pays a month benefit of 60% of gross salary. The plan is designed to replace income lost during a period of total disability due to covered injury, sickness or pregnancy. The School pays the full cost for the Holy Cross High School Salary Continuance Plan.