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Philadelphia - Annuities

Philadelphia Archdiocesan High School Teachers

A Tax Sheltered Annuity is a contract sponsored by a financial institution or insurance company that provides you with future income based on the amount you contribute while you're working.

A voluntary tax-sheltered annuity program is in existence for the benefit of the teachers. Teachers may opt for one of the following companies selected to offer this benefit and may opt to have money directly deposited into the TSA of their choice:

Lincoln Investment - 1-800-242-1421 ext. 1132 
Lincoln Investment - 1-800-242-1421- (K. McManus, J. Sigmond)
Lincoln National - 215-254-5050 - (M. Sadek)
Lincoln National - 215-968-6707 - (J. Saskiewicz)
Valic - 1-800-892-5558 ext. 89565 - (C. Lex) ext. 88731 - (A. Fefer)
Fidelity - 1-800-343-0860